Friday, February 18, 2005

"Houston, I am stuck here in Dallas....."

I am stuck here in Dallas...

Dallas feel kind of a lot like LA, a lot of of big strip malls links up with a bunch of freeways. They got the same thing here, like they got there in California; Targets, Walmart, McDonald... Some have different names, but sells the same things like they do down West.

So, after a few days here, I borrowed a car and went back to Houston for two days. It was a little better there. Got some pretty cool people to hangs out with at the hostel, a first rated bike shop just right next door, bunch of 1st rated museums just walking distance away. There is this really cool Modern African Art exhibit showing, and as you guessed, I am totally into just about anything from the African continent. Spend a good long time there, and at the museum store buying a bunch of Ugly Dolls.

Aside from the major museums, I was surprised to find that there is an Art Car Museum here, so I went down there, and ending up chatting with a few of the artist. Most of them are the Burning Man crowd, so it really made it felt like home. When I get home, I am going to turn my old truck in to one of these beauties. :-)

There is also that Orange Show , another one of the Burning Man type creations. It was in maintenance, but the folks were nice enough to let me in and checking it out. Very beautiful place, the color is just gorgeous. At the end of the day, when the lady that ran the place found that I was one of the Burner too, she gave me some postcards for free. It was very nice of her, and I couldn't help myself and gave her one of the Ugly Dolls(Wage) that I bought at the museum store.

I am going to miss Huston. Dallas, on the other hand, I can't say...

Correction: I'll miss Dallas... My sister and my neice Lisa, that is....


At 3:31 AM, Blogger Thomas said...

Those art cars are gorgeous! I need to turn my baby into one of those! It was sulking with a flat battery when I returned to Scotland after my 6 weeks away on my bike in the US. And get yourself to Austin 54 - it's an amazing city!


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