Saturday, February 19, 2005

Death Wish

I uploaded some pictures to my website at . There is no links to them as yet, from the site. They are a bit of a mess, but it's best I can do without my own computer. There is no caption on them either, which kind of reduced them to bloches of color to everyone, but myself.... :-) I'll fix that later.
A bunch of road crews on the side of the road on the Lost Coast of FL. Also pic. of Diana and Steve, who took me into their nice home for a most wonderful night.
New Years Eve at Don and Dennice's home in Florida. Thanks Don for not leaving me out in the woods. It was the best New Year's Eve in a long, long time.
Misc. pictures of Camy and Lawrence's trip though the American South. The green gator is named "No-Seeums", he's a hitchhiker I picked up from Florida. He is named after those pesky sand gnats that still gives me phantom itches all over, every time I think of that fatefully night in the Long Keys.

Excuse me, I got to go scrach myself now....
Folks from Louisiana, I met on the Old Spanish Trial.
Road Kills of the American South

Well..., let see. This is going to be hard to explain.

I thought I'll branch out into doing wildlife photography with this project.... Yeah, that's it. I figure, I'll start with the non-moving ones first, then work myself to the live ones, when I get better at it.

On a deeper level(if you want to go there)... I guess you kind of get very aware of death, when there are trucks rushing along side of you at 70 mph, on a foggy mornning. With the cacasses lying all along the side of the roads, and seeing dozens of them every day.... Ideas just pops into your mind, and began to be facinated by it....

At one point, I thought about documenting every single road kill I encountered as my project, but after a few hours of stopping every three, four miles, I gave up. Some are just a little too pungent to approach, and some are just a little too messy(even I have hygienic standards, admittedly low these days, but I am very proud of myself for not approaching some of them). I need to do some cycling too, you know.

Who knows, one day I'll probably ends up on these pages too. Oh... I think I am going to start another project on cemeteries too.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: A lot of animals were harmed in the process of making this series(in the most grusome way), but not by me. In no time did I touched any of them(directly), and I did try to hold my breath for as long as possible.
A lot of this, and a lot of that... from all over.
A night with the VFW 10211 of Key Lago. I miss them so much...


At 8:10 AM, Blogger Thomas said...

Fantastic bunch of photos, especially the roadkill. I couldn't bring myself to take quite so many photos of the dead stuff as you did, though I do have a 'nice' one of the only bobcat I saw on my ride. I found it really shocking seeing all the dead cats and dogs in Florida. And you're right about the ride making you very aware of death, and your own fragile vulnerability. I didn't think about it too much, but after I got hit by the car in New Mexico I was hyper-aware of it. I took lots of photos of the memorials at the roadside like the one you took of the firman's memorial. When I get my ass in gear I'll put them on my blog. Look forward to seeing the rest of your ride!


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